Sid Aakowa

           Photo credit: Mac Lupus

Sid Aakowa was born in Kumasi, Ghana (West Africa). His parents moved him and his older siblings to North America when he was a child, based on a scholarship his father was given by the Ghanaian government to study overseas. However, soon after settling, tough times arrived for the young immigrant family.

There was an uprising in Ghana, and given Aakowa’s father was formerly in the military, the new Ghanaian administration requested for the family to return to the country. Fearing that the family would be in danger upon return, because many of his friends had already gone missing or been killed, Aakowa’s father refused to return. By consequence, the scholarship was revoked.

Aakowa could not help but absorb some of the turmoil, as the family began to struggle with poverty and cultural barriers. He began to write as a way of his own escape, and found a sense of freedom that subdued many of the troubles in his reality. In those early years when battling with feelings of loneliness and uncertainty about his surroundings, Aakowa developed a very vivid imagination. In times of hardship, he started writing in private journals, and would often escape into his own created worlds, with characters and plots that proved more welcoming and interesting than his own. Once he was introduced to writers, such as Shakespere, C.S. Lewis, and many others of the past and present, Aakowa understood the power of words and storytelling — he inherited a belief that he could be just as effective with the pen to inspire others. It was then that he began to take his creative gift as a writer seriously.

Music was a means of escape as well, and when a roomate in university allowed him to explore with some recording equipment, a hidden gift was discovered. Dropping out of university, Aakowa soon started producing and writing his own music. As a new recording artist, he set out to make his mark, exclusively selling his music door-to-door as a means of income, slowly but surely gaining a fan-base of all ages, cultures, race and gender. In meeting individuals and families one-by one, at their home, Aakowa gained confidence in himself and his artistic abilities.

Sid Aakowa is now an author and singer-songwriter. He is the writer of The Aakowa Parables books and music. All of his experiences have been utilized and are helpful in the work he does today.