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Posted thoughts by Sid Aakowa: Keep climbing!

There are times when life feels at a stand-still: You want a certain somebody to get back to you but your phone refuses to ring; you apply for job, after job, after job and nobody is hiring; despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to make any real progress in your business or career. One day in this type of funk leads to a week. A week becomes a month. For some people, a month snowballs into a year. Unfortunately, a bad year easily becomes the definition of one’s ongoing predicament.


This is all about momentum, my friends. In the trek up the mountain, we are going against gravity, so the moment you stop climbing, gravity has the tendency to want to pull you down.


It’s so important to find an activity that keeps your momentum moving up. Some people like to cook, others will paint, or sew or dance or exercise or whatever. Mine is to write. I can almost feel the universe spinning in my favor, and it’s because I feel good about myself in those times. I’m not dependent on anybody in feeling satisfied. That’s very important to find in your own life – that activity you can do that is self-fulfilling.


When you need to wait for some other person to make you feel good, chances are you will be waiting forever and you fluctuate in this momentum I’m speaking of based on circumstances. The goal is to set your own pace to determine what will happen and how you feel. That’s the only way momentum will stay in your favor.

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