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Posted thoughts by Sid Aakowa: Finding your authentic Self

It is very hard to be a good person. It’s a constant battle to do the right thing. It can become very tiring. I’ll equate it to trying to adhere to a very strict diet to stay healthy. There is often a built in ‘cheat day’ for junk food to try curb the constant cravings. That’s most of our situation – constantly wanting to let loose to life’s cravings and get a little dirty with our temptations. Very rarely does it work in the end.


Well, if you’ve ever heard the quote, ‘you are perfectly flawed’, this is when it applies. While the goal is for us to become good, I’m of the mind that it shouldn’t be such hard work. It means very little to be good unless you are actually the person who is good, authentically. That requires a process of not being good, until you are. Often, it means making mistakes and stumbling through our flaws and naturally growing out of the person we once were, through the lessons learned and experience. I live with the notion that God actually uses the flaws of man to create balance and perfection, both personally and on a universal scale. We think we’ve made a huge mistake, not knowing how that one event triggers a series of events that allows for what is supposed to happen, to happen… naturally.


So, two things then. First, be who you are, until you are no longer that person. It takes real courage to embrace what you truly feel and be who you are, and pass through the phase and learn the needed lessons. Here is a big disclaimer: you are bound to hurt and disappoint people along the way. But the important key is to learn from the errors so you don’t keep hurting people in the same way. Second, don’t give up on people too early. There are some people who are evil, I believe, or others whose intentions aren’t right, which is a whole other conversation; but if there is somebody you know has good in them, but is just acting poor or is lost in the world, be patient for them – be patient with them, I should say. One day, the stepping stones of their mistakes will make you proud for the person they become.

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