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Posted thoughts by Sid Aakowa: What you see, but what you get

Our words, behavior and actions are driven by layers of emotions, thoughts and sub-conscious influences, and what you need to know is that people will ALWAYS reveal who they are to you, long before it becomes obvious on the surface to see.


The problem is, we overlook, and even choose to ignore what we notice in a person’s words or actions because we see what we want to see, and decide that the contradictions in reality are not to be taken seriously. The truth, though, is that behaviors and thoughts and words run deep. If allowed to investigate further, and the full scope of a person is allowed to come to light, there could be an entire new individual we are introduced to. Nobody likes to expose secrets, for shame or fear of rejection, but it all seeps through one way or other – a joke, a rant, a comment, a look. The scary thing is that most people don’t know their own depths, so they might even surprise themselves. But you don’t need to wait for them to teach you about who they are, and get blindsided and hurt in the process. You can learn by just watching, listening and paying attention.


Overall, it’s very hard to find people that are exactly what they seem to be, inside and out. Even I am constantly working to be transparent, open book.

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