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Posted thoughts by Sid Aakowa: The great givers

I think that we are able to put events into action based on our words. Unfortunately, many of us have become too hardened in our heart and soul from struggle to actually speak the words that will generate a positive momentum. So… my gift to all is the gift of speech – of language. You might feel too apathetic and tired and hopeless to be positive, but at least for now all you have to do (if you choose) is… repeat after me. I’m going to attempt to spark some positive momentum for your life with a message of giving:


“Let me put into the air that I will be a great giver. That is, a person who gives more than what I’m supposed to and gives more than what I’m used to giving. I will give to others outside of my comfort zone.” 



“I will give with joy in my heart. I will give gladly.”



“I will remember that even if I were to give everything I have away, for love, everything will be restored tenfold for the heart of what I have done.”


“With that said, I do not want to give, just to receive. I will give because I want to. I will give because I care. I will give not expecting anything in return.”



“I will learn to love how it feels to be the giver that can spark joy and excitement in another life. I want to give something so great, that the story of my giving is spoken of by other people I don’t even know, to create inspiration.”



“I will not only give to those I love, but I will give to those that are not so deserving. I will give to those who are not expecting anything at all.” 



“I will especially give in these circumstances because it is through my giving that I can become a teacher to more ‘great givers’. Most people don’t give, simply because they don’t know how to, but I want people to witness my life, my choices, and learn.”



“Once I experience how it feels to be a great, generous giver, l will look for an opportunity to give once again. Immediately after I give, I always feel a burden off of my shoulders for being open enough to serve another of my brothers and sisters in need. Whatever troubles I have in my own life will suddenly feel a little less heavy knowing I have done something to share the load. I will have put energy in the air that is due to return richly to myself and those I love.” 

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