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Posted thoughts by Sid Aakowa – Never Settle

If it is not growing, it will die. The ‘it‘ in this equation is our relationships, our career, our thoughts, our goals and our ambitions. We have to constantly be willing to challenge ourselves to go to the next level, or life’s gravity WILL pull you down. To me, this is what makes life so hard at times, because especially when you are tired or don’t know how else to improve your current situation, there is the tendency to slip into habits of old and lose whatever progress you have gained as an individual.


We have so many people who start strong. They appear to have great situations, but then end up falling from grace with moral, mental and spiritual deviations. At one point they were climbing to great heights and truly were exemplary human beings; but then, they see no more heights to reach, and once that happens, the only way to go is down.


Let us keep challenging ourselves to remain engaged to be better tomorrow than we are today. Never settle. Never get too comfortable.


“It is better to be in the darkness, moving towards the light; than to have been in the light, fading into the dark,” is what I say.

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